Ultra-Fuji dumbwaiter adopts the industrial computer control with the novel structure and advanced composition. It has the features such as fine security and reliability, smooth running, convenient operation etc.The car and hoistway door utilizes the hairline stainless steel plate for the manufacture. it is deluxe and beautiful in appearance.The car can adopt single or plural partition sheets for separation and it fully utilizes the space and enhances the work efficiency.

These elevators are widely applied to the hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings ,banks, office buildings, hospitals, maills, factories, libraries, labs and post offices for delivering such items as foods, dishware, daily necessities, money, documents, medicines, books, instruments, letters and other cargo items.

The outstanding advantages

  1. It needs no site debugging for an overall type door machine; it is of the simple and convenient installation. It greatly enhances the installation quality and speed.
  2. It has an external unlock device, In case of power failure or trouble, it can take out the goods from the car through a simple operation.
  3. The allocation of infrared optical curtain further strengthens the safety and reliability of the lift door.
  4. The applicable range: loading weight ≤200kg. It can adopt the window type service lift AC single-speed, variable frequency speed governor.
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