At Ultra Electric, we professionally design commercial and residential vertical transportation systems, geared towards providing cost effective, minimally invasive solutions. Our highly skilled technicians work with you to design a custom, non-proprietary elevator solution to fit your building’s unique needs. As an experienced elevator contractor, we customize a solution based on your planned or desired building occupancy, and usage.


At Ultra Electric, we provide comprehensive refurbishment plans and lift upgrade services to agencies and organizations throughout the country and region. Our construction team works with our clients closely, from commencement of project to the latter stages, ensuring that all lift components are made to suit their needs. As an added advantage, we have maintained a successful and efficient supply chain to continue supplying our clients with a constant supply of lift components. With a strong network of global suppliers, we offer the reassurance of excellent technical and backup services.


Our service goes beyond manufacturing and installation services, to include shipping of critical components that are essential for refurbishment and maintenance of elevators. With a global network of suppliers, we ensure that you receive the required accessories needed to complete your elevator system in good time.


Lift installation is a rigorous process that requires careful consideration, efficient and professional handling. With our team of engineers, technicians and project managers, we install a wide range of modern and cutting-edge elevators from commercial, residential/home, passengers, panoramic, hospital/bed, freight to dumbwaiters. Our team is well equipped with resources and technical expertise providing our clients with safe and durable elevator system.

Service & Maintenance

Regular servicing and maintenance by experienced professionals will give years of virtually trouble-free lift operations. With our reliable contract lift management plans, clients can rest easy knowing that their elevators are in safe hands giving them adequate peace of mind.  No matter how large or small your project is, we serve with the utmost dedication and the service you deserve.

Our supplier offers technical support in the following ways:

  • Spare parts
  • 24 hrs online technical support
  • Training opportunities for our technical staff at the factory
  • Research visits by the supplier’s technical team to understand our market and customize solutions for the Kenyan market.


Our Modernazation programme for ageing elevators and escalators offers a cost effective way to bring you the latest technology. You can retain the base structural component of the existing system while we upgrade the power systems (controller, motor, drive) and door operation which will significantly improve the traffic handling capacity , energy efficiency and prolong the life of your equipment.


Our Technical Department is designed to ensure smooth operations and delivery of projects within set timelines.

  • We have separate Installation and Service Sections with a Manager for each section.
  • We have project coordinators to ensure smooth compliance of the projects.
  • We have internal and external inspections done before commissioning and handover of projects.

Financial Partners

In addition to our financial resources, we have maintained an excellent relationship with our financial partners for the past 20 years, in order to ensure that we have the necessary financial backing when we need it.