Elevator parts

With a vast experience in the industry, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality elevator and escalator replacement parts. We continue to exceed customer expectations by meeting customer requirements while offering exceptional customer service, competitive pricing and quality parts.


At Ultra Electric, we offer a wide range of robust and durable handrails that are ideal for supporting rider stability while protecting interior finishes and metals.

Landing doors

The elevator landing door device is a door that is normally visible from outside the elevator, also commonly referred to as the elevator header. At Ultra Electric Ltd, we offer a variety of landing doors that help achieves a perfect combination of aesthetic appeal, functionality, safety and budget needs.


At Ultra Electric, we offer a wide variety of Cabin Operating Panels (COP) designs and sizes, which assists users in giving indication for offering car calls.


Discover our wide range of discreet and elegant elevator floors that allow passengers to travel smoothly and quietly between slim rails.


Choose from our multiple ceiling options to create a comfortable elevator experience

Financial Partners

In addition to our financial resources, we have maintained an excellent relationship with our financial partners for the past 20 years, in order to ensure that we have the necessary financial backing when we need it.