MRL Elevators

Most elevators, require a machine room to store large electric motors and a controller cabinet. However, modern day traction motors possess gearless and permanent magnet drive and can be more compact and efficient because they use electronic microprocessors instead of mechanical relays. As a result, traction elevators (A.K.A. Machine-Room-Less or MRL elevators) can be built without a dedicated room above the shaft, saving valuable space in building planning.

Ultra-Fuji designs offers a departure from the traditional, looped over-the-top traction rope routing of traction elevators. The ends of the cables are fixed to the supporting structure, and the length of the cable are connected to the car and counterweight by means of a force-multiplying, energy saving compound pulley system. Machine Room-less elevators have become a better alternative to the previous elevators for low to medium rise buildings. Machine-Room-Less (MRL) technology is therefore set to be a game changer to the elevator industry.

We provide our clients optimum quality Gearless and Machine room less Elevators, that are widely accepted for their optimum and smoother performance. They are easy to maintain and manufactured in a manner that ensures that heavy loads can easily be handled.



  • MRL elevator gearless traction machine
  • Requires no oil
  • All components are above ground level
  • They save space