Panoramic Elevators

Machine Room-Less (MRL) Traction Lifts

Traction drive Machine Room-Less (MRL) lifts have the entire lift system located within the lift shaft. The smooth and noiseless driving unit (situated within the head of the shaft) works most efficiently with the counter-weight system greatly reducing power consumption. These systems are also simple to maintain, and don’t require oils that need replacing after a number of years. On that account, the combination of low-cost maintenance, and minimal electrical energy consumption, equate to excellent long term low running costs.

Our MRL traction lift range allows capacities of 4 persons up to 33 persons and are available with a variety of options including adjacently sited open-through doors.  For site specific traction machine room-less lift requirements, please contact us for a no obligation consultation.

State of Art Technology in motion

The lift control is based upon microprocessor technology with an energy efficient drive system. The incorporation of multi-layer technology has reduced the size of our controllers – just one of the many technical innovations included within our MRL packages.

Overall System Configuration

  • PM Traction Machine
  • Wire Rope
  • Car Cab
  • Counterweight
  • Buffer
  • Speed Governor
  • Door Operator
  • Suspension Sheave
  • Car Guide Rail
  • Tension pulley
  • Control Panel (Highest landing)