Villa Elevator

Villa Elevators are exclusively designed to meet the highest level of residential elevator standards. They utilize a unique design and build approach that incorporates state-of-the-art technology, in order to provide homeowners with a seamless experience. Villa elevators are modern and clean, with a classic design that perfectly matches your home’s elegant style.

Villa elevators are suitable for medium and high-class villas, apartments and other residential properties. Additionally, Villa elevators have been designed with rich materials and offer a selection of diverse, combination of options to choose from i.e., colors, floor designs, ceilings, hand rails etc. which help customize the space to your individual taste.

Application Villa
Control system Traction machine type: WWF inverter, Micro economic control hydraulic type PLC
Power supply Single phase AC220V 50/60Hz
Three phase AC380 50Hz
Door operator VVVF door operator
Rated loads 250kg, 320kg, 400kg
Rated speed Traction type 0.25-0.4m/s Hydraulic type 0.2-0.3m/s
Max.Travel 15M
Max.Landings 6 Floors