Hydraulic Elevators

At Ultra Electric, we offer Hydraulic Lifts that are the most reliable in the market as they are simple, robust in design and light in weight. Operations of the hydraulic lift start when the downward motion of the plunger assembly displaces oil through the metering tube holes, thereby decelerating the impacting mass.

Performance of hydraulic lifts completely depends on oil displacement and performance of the buffer is contingent upon the size and distribution of these holes. While the gas spring serves only to re-extend the plunger, the frictional forces ensure that the Plunger remains re-extended.


  • Minimizes inventory
  • Low unit cost
  • Long term support
  • Consultancy
  • On-time delivery

Product Specification

  • High quality hydraulic elevators
  • Wide mass range
  • Simple, robust design
  • Mechanical spring
  • Light in weight
  • Minimum overall height
  • Technical support and buffer design
  • Controlled peak deceleration