Moving Walks

In modern metropolis public transport arenas such as airports, large-size shopping malls, exhibiton centers etc. moving walks can not only satisfy the transportation problem of extremely large flow of passengers but also makes their transportation enjoyable and tireless.  Moving walks are very convenient for the airports, shopping malls and areas with long walking distances.

Ultra-Fuji moving walks have been designed with utmost quality and precision to ensure safety, reliability, durability, comfort, performance and long life. The highest quality components have been used to manufacture the moving walks to ensure continuous running without breakdowns and to keep our high standard of production.

The advantages of Ultra-Fuji moving walks are:-

  • The special design blends-in harmoniously with any architecture interior
  • Our commitment to passenger safety never wavers.
  • Our  superior quality comes from the finest engineering design and quality components.
  • Our fast production guarantees urgent deliveries for our clients.
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Ultra Electric Ltd is a limited liability company incorporated in Kenya. We supply, install, service, refurbish, modernise and maintain all types of passenger lifts, vehicle lifts, goods lifts and disabled access platform lifts across the whole of the E.A Region.

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