Dependable Refurbishment Plans
Ultra Electric offers a comprehensive lift upgrade and modernization service to businesses, agencies and organizations throughout Kenya.

Careful consideration is given to each installation by experienced professionals to give years of virtually trouble free lift operation. Our dependable contract lift management plans allow you to relax knowing that your lift is in safe hands.

Virtually all makes and models covered
We offer a full refurbishment and lift modernization service for all types and makes of equipment.

To follow the refurbishment of your lift, we will be delighted to continue to be of service with a full long-term maintenance plan. You will find that not only do we keep your lifts running smoothly, but that we are also dedicated and committed to improving the reliability, durability and performance of all lifts that we service.

Not sure what's best for your situation?
Ultra Electric offers a no obligation upgrade or modernization advice service to potential clients who may lack direct practical lift experience. No potential contract is too large or small to receive the close attention of our dedicated team of lift specialists.

Welcome to Ultra Electric Limited Online

Ultra Electric Ltd is a limited liability company incorporated in Kenya. We supply, install, service, refurbish, modernise and maintain all types of passenger lifts, vehicle lifts, goods lifts and disabled access platform lifts across the whole of the E.A Region.

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